Meet Bella the Beautiful

Hi! My name is Bella the Beautiful, and I enjoy back massages, belly rubs, and I have the cutest bobtail you’ve ever seen. I have a unique talent for scratching my own back by wiggling side-to-side on the floor. I especially love tiny humans and will sit patiently to get all the pets.

I had a 2-week date with the trainer, and I’ve learned the commands sit, down, kennel and place, but I will need continued instruction to be the best canine citizen. I like to talk like a monkey when I’m excited or anxious, but once I’m comfortable, I settle down nicely. I’m still working on my leash skills and will need slow introductions with new dogs. I prefer fur friends that will give me space while I adjust.

My foster mom thinks I am the sweetest girl who deserves to be loved and find my Match Made in Heaven! So, if you are looking for your one-and-only and think we could live happily ever after, fill out an application. I know the best days are yet to come.