Meet Ara

Ara, the King! His presence demands the attention of the room. He’s big, he’s handsome and he’s captivating. Ara is a calm guy that enjoys romping around with his foster brother and then taking long naps. He gets excited about taking walks and he’s generally very respectful on the leash.

Ara has a solid foundation of general training, including crate training, but requires continued work with a confident handler to help desensitize him to certain stimulants. Ara is a mix of two guard dog breeds. While walking on leash, he’s still learning he doesn’t need to “protect”and be in charge of people/dogs walking by. He is responsive to corrections and preemptive “focus” check-ins. Ara wants to please his handler.

Introductions to new people have gone well. Ara has done great meeting submissive dogs but needs slower intros to other alpha dogs. He enjoys having a friend to play with and look up to. He often lays next to his foster brother for nap time. Exploring the yard and napping on the deck are some of his favorite things.

Ara is a classic gentle giant. He’s still a puppy and learning how to channel his instincts. With the right owner and continued training, he will be one of the best dogs you’ve ever known. He’s a sweet, special guy.