Meet Bailie (Bonded with Rosie)

  • Breed: Aussie / Corgi Mix
  • Age: 10 years 11 months
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: 33 pounds
  • Vaccinations: Up to Date
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
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Hi there, I am Bailie, Rosie’s sister. I am almost 11 years old. We have been together for 10 years since we were adopted from the pound. I am the level headed one, and I’m much smarter than my sister ;). I like to herd her around and make sure she is safe and happy. I appreciate the occasional outdoor adventure, but I’m not much of a runner and to be honest I just really love to lounge and be lazy. Out on walks, I don’t need a leash to stay right by my human’s side. I never want to leave them! I am in perfect health despite my round appearance. I’m not fat, I am full bodied! And, full of love and affection. Although I get hot easily, I will suffer just to snuggle and get close to you. I love when I get haircuts before summertime, and I have to say, I look really cute. I like road trips and car rides. I have good manners, I don’t bark unless the mailman comes, and I am house trained. Only in times of high anxiety do I forget my manners. I am fine with other dogs and children, but to be honest, they don’t interest me much. I am way too focused on the obsession of my life, my human. At times, I get a little jealous if my human gives attention to other dogs. I also care a lot about my sister, Rosie, and I like to keep her clean by licking her sometimes. I can’t help myself and love to sleep on top of her. Don’t worry, she likes it. Rosie is good snuggle company when our human leaves us home alone. Sometimes very small children annoy me because they are so loud and move erratically. I am mostly a chill dog that just needs a person to be loyal to and to love with all my big heart. I really hope you consider taking Rosie and me to your home! Come meet us!