Meet Bottles

Bottles is a loving member of his current family including 1 other dog and 2 cats. He is very playful with the other animals, particularly the other dog in his home. At times his energetic playfulness can be too much for the other animals and while he never hurts the cats he does like to chase them at times. Bottles would do well with an experienced leader who will help him to learn boundaries in this area. Bottles has some trauma from his past that he is trying to work through. He will need a strong and patient leader to help him succeed with this. He will need structure and boundaries that he has to follow. He will need an adopter that won’t baby him.


Bottles is a great snuggler and if given the opportunity he will also lick the face of people he knows & trusts to the point that slobber drips from their faces. He can be a bit slow to trust new people but, once he warms he is fiercely loyal and protective. Slow introductions with new people are important.


Bottles is crate trained, house trained and has received extensive training. Bottle’s trainer has offered to provide guidance to his new family. Bottles has amazing potential. He will make the right person a great dog. Bottles would would do well with an experienced owner, who can provide the appropriate exercise, boundaries, structure, guidance, calm and love. Bottles would be happiest given the opportunity to exercise his body and mind daily.