Meet Charlie

Welcome to Charlie’s Page! Charlie is as handsome of a young pup as they come. He is full of energy and has so much love to give. There is no such thing as a stranger for Charlie because cats, dogs and people of all shapes and sizes he considers his best friend. Charlie is still working on respecting personal space of all though.


Charlie loves to chew on toys and occasionally blankets if he thinks he can be sneaky about it and not get caught. His favorite toy is the one that you have in your hand. Charlie also loves to race other dogs back and forth. When he is all out of breath and hot, he just wants to jump into some water to cool off. His favorite type of water is the muddy kind.


Charlie is working on basic training. He has sit down, but sometimes gets a bit excited and needs a reminder to what it is you want him to do. Charlie’s foster family is currently working on lay down, come, touch, and focus with him. He can do it but needs patience still as he is a pup and mastering these commands take time. Charlie is super food motivate.


Charlie is also working on leash walking. He has a long way to go with this as excitement distracts him the moment, he is out the door.  His foster mom has faith in him though because occasionally he gets to go on chaperoned dates with a pretty girl dog. Charlie at first is all over the place, but with guidance his date shows him how it is done. About 15 minutes into the walk Charlie feels the need to impress his date and shows her how smooth a gentlemen can be and will walk right by your side where he should be.