Meet Mia

Mia is one of the sweetest creatures you will ever meet. Gentle and affectionate, she will win your heart with her kisses and puppy eyes. A complete goofball with the fastest zoomies. Once she gets comfortable with you, her silly and sassy personality will shine through. Not a morning dog, she loves her kennel and enjoys lazing around on her bed and blankets for the first half of her day. House trained, kennel trained, basic command trained. Mia spent several weeks camping out with one of our trainers and is eager to continue working on her confidence and leash/walking skills. Mia needs a family prepared to give her the structure she needs to continue to work on self-confidence. She is absolutely the sweetest and it will take someone committed to building her confidence with structure, pushing her past her boundaries.


Mia would thrive the most in a house with a fenced yard where she can run like a race dog, a confident dog friend able to show her the ropes of “chill dog” life, and a strong, consistent leader willing to continue guiding her through facing her anxieties and fears.