Meet Red

Meet Red! She is a Shepskie (German Shepherd and Huskie mix) that is a little over 1 years old. Currently she is not fixed but is scheduled to be fixed in April. Red was found Jan 2022 in a community garden in Elk Grove with no collar and no microchip. Efforts were made to find her family through many channels but ultimately she was never claimed. Her loving foster parents have been taking great care to train and socialize Red so that she can find a forever home!

She knows tricks such as sit, stay, sleep (or lay-down), hug, wait and heel. She’s a great exercise partner as she needs 2-3 walks per day. She has behaved well in front of children as young as 5 years old, with gentle sniffing and loving licks. She is also great with the elderly, sitting at their side and getting some pets and treats! She is still learning not to jump up on others when she is excited. She is crate trained, but she does not enjoy it for long periods of time. She loves car rides and is very well behaved at the vet and groomers.

Red is a joy at the dog park, she is definitely a “dog’s dog”. She loves to wrestle and adapts her play style to the various dogs at the park. If there is a puppy or smaller dog, she is known to engage them gently into play. She can keep up with the biggest and most energetic of dogs too! She answers when called at the dog park and is kind to all the humans in there too!

If you are an active family that has kids or perhaps you have another dog that needs a playmate, then Red is a great fit for you!”