Meet Stewie

Meet Stewie! Stewie is an amazing pup who is equal parts playful, loveable, snuggly and sweet! He will most certainly bring so much joy to any family. Stewie loves to snuggle on the couch, or anywhere really, with any member of the family, including willing dog or cat friends. Stewie takes a bit of time to feel comfortable, in a new home, with new people, and will need some patience while adjusting. He sometimes gets nervously excited when being picked up, particularly if you are standing over him but, he does much better being picked up if you are closer to his level. Stewie is still working on potty training, particularly learning to let his people know when he needs to go out but he also has the occasional frightened or excited piddle. Stewie is a young boy and still very much a puppy, with all the things that come with puppies so, he will need continued encouragement. With Stewie’s youth and shyness, he could definitely benefit from training, to help him become a more confident and secure boy. Stewie is crate trained but, takes a little time to settle when he first goes in the crate.

Stewie would love a family that he can trust and feel safe around. Could you be Stewie’s match made in heaven?