Meet Sylvie

Meet Sylvie the great, the littlest big dog you’ll ever meet! This silly little girl has such a big personality and bounces around happy as can be. Sylvie’s favorite game is chase, she will chase anything, a ball, a stick, her doggy friends, you… 😀 Sylvie is also a champion snuggler, if you sit down and give her a second, she’ll be snuggling up next to you, or on you, in moments. Sylvie gets along with, and loves, everyone. She might take a a few minutes to warm up to some new people but, once she loves you, she is all yours! Sylvie has mastered her potty training but, she is not a fan of the Oregon weather, sometimes she needs some coaxing out the door. Sylvie is great in her crate though we are working on sleeping in a bit later. She’s a young whipper snapper and, is raring to go bright and early!

Sylvie will make you laugh, keep you on your toes and, give you more love than you could ever ask for! Is Sylvie your match?