Meet Titan

This love bug is small in size stature but beefy in weight, we’re looking at 60lb in that little body!

Our stout little TITAN enjoys couch time and walk time. He knows we “Wait” at street curbs before “We Cross”. He absolutely lives for the backyard ” Outside ” smells. Titan is potty trained, twice a day “Food Time” trained, fork eating trained. He is a gentle dog around the house. He barks at the doorbell. He needs a car seat belt as he learned to enjoy resting his head on the window.

Titan is starting his muzzle training and is starting to work on unlearning some negative play behaviors. From our professional balanced training sessions, we believe Titan was abused into using play into fight. We are working on his obedience training, in order to counter condition what he knows as “play.” This dog needs training time everyday, not just love and cuddles. He may never be a dog park dog, because, like humans, dogs can be selective as well. Titan is not reactive to dogs on walks, he just doesn’t know how to share and play with them right now. Titan needs an experienced dog owners who is not only open to giving him the love he deserves but, is also willing to understand his limits, and put in training time.