Meet Turtle

Turtle came from a hoarding situation and takes a little while to come out of his shell. Once he does, he bounces like a puppy and loves his friends! Toys are an established necessity to him and he loves every toy equally. He is still working on leash training, he is fine with the leash on but gets upset when being directed by it. He has been learning so quickly but, will definitely need more time and work. Kids that are respectful of his space are great and he has grown very fond of his foster humans that are all 3 and under. Fellow dogs are his comfort and he will snuggle any that will let him. He is crate trained but prefers to be with the family. While he isn’t motivated, he is eager to please and quick to listen and learn.
Things hes a pro at include giving kisses, chewing bones and toys, and adapting to whatever life gives him. A few things he will continue to work on are leash and potty training. If you are willing to give him the time to come out of his shell, Turtle will give you all the love you could ever want from a dog.