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Meet Rawhide PSA

What is rawhide?? It’s processed animal skin. Mostly from cows and horses. Picture your leather sofa, leather car seats and leather shoes… that’s the outer layer of skin. The inner layer of skin is rawhide. Leather is a popular material because of its durability. But as you can… Read more


Looking for your best friend? It just so happens that we have all kinds of bffs. Take a look at our wonderful pups and get ready to fall in love.

Other Animals

Dogs not your thing? We also rescue all kinds of different animals, such as cats, guinea pigs, actual pigs, you never know. Check ‘em out.

Happy Tails

Want to see animals that have found their fur-ever homes? We take pride in finding our animals happiness and homes for life.

Match Made in Heaven Animal Rescue

Match Made in Heaven Animal Rescue is an all volunteer rescue organization in California and Oregon. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs, of all breeds and sizes, from the many overpopulated shelters of California where they are at high risk of being euthanized. Many of these dogs have been abandoned, neglected or mistreated and our goal is to give them a better life, by placing them into loving, responsible and committed forever homes, while providing a loving family pet to adopters in need of a new furever friend and family member!