Meet Ella

This little hippo is Ella. Ella is a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier, who came from a sad past of breeding and neglect. Ella is the sweetest little girl that has so many kisses and butt wiggles to give. She will follow you everywhere (even the bathroom J ) and be your shadow. Ella always just wants to be near and around you always. And, of course booty rubs are never rejected!

When Ella came to us we was a momma to be and while her foster only had pregnant Ella for a week, and protective Mommy Ella for ~7 weeks, they have discovered that Ella enjoys walks and being outside. She is not a huge fan of car rides. Ella is a wonderful mom, she plays with puppies but also does her job of teaching them manners. Sometimes Ella’s foster thinks she is a little too strict, when it comes to wrestling or toys, but that may be because she was never given a chance to enjoy these things before.

Ella is very friendly with other dogs but, might want to guard her person from other pups. She really just wants all the attention. Ella can be corrected with this but, she will need someone strong to set boundaries for her, as she had never had that before. As with all of our pups, we recommend slow introductions and integration into the home so that you don’t overwhelm Ella or the current resident pups.

Ella knows “sit” and is currently working on “wait” and “heel”. Ella is also working on “off” – not jumping on people and “down”. Ella is potty trained but, as a recent mom, needs regular trips outside. Ella is looking for a home that will not only give her structure and direction but endless love, snuggles and butt scratches. Is that you?