Meet Jane

Hi, I’m Jane!!
I’m a three year old chiweenie. I have a lot of chihuahua tendencies mixed with just enough doxie to make me your new best -and funniest- friend.
I love to snuggle. Sit on your lap? Yes, please! Sleep on your bed? Yep! Under the covers if you’ll let me!
I will be your most loyal fan. I’ll follow you everywhere and be ready to play anytime!! I love, really love, toys!! I like to fetch them, and cuddle them, and rip out their squeakers!
I’m slow to warm up. I’m going to need my human family to be patient and flexible. I take several days to start to relax in new surroundings and I forget to be nice when I’m scared.
I need someone to help me learn the world isn’t scary and that loud sounds aren’t going to get me. I need someone experienced with small dogs and willing to be patient with me while I warm up.

Once I know you and start to trust you, I’ll be your sweet, silly shadow! I’ll even be nice to your human friends!! But I can’t be rushed. I’ve had some trauma and I don’t totally trust that all new people won’t hurt me.
I love to go on walks and am pretty good on the leash. I don’t mind other dogs and mind my manners around them. I’m a good girl on walks!
I’m potty trained and crate trained. I may have one or two accidents on the first days in my new house but put me on a schedule and I know to potty outside.
I’m crate trained but I don’t want to be left alone for long periods of time. I’m quiet in the crate AFTER I’ve had 10 minutes to tell you what I really think. I can sleep in a crate at night but I’d rather sleep with you. Because when I get scared I forget to be nice, I won’t be a good fit for small kids- your kids or your grandkids. I love older teens! They are my favorite!!
I’m great with dogs but I don’t really know how to play with them. I’d rather play with you! Could you throw my toy?