Meet Prince Harry

Meet (Prince) Harry! Also known as Good Boy! because he’s so happy to work on his Good Dog manners. His mission in life seems to be to connect with humans as he’s always checking in for comfort and direction. He might be having the time of his life zooming around the yard or rolling in the grass, but as soon as a hug is offered he will contently lean in. When he’s not hugging or exploring, he’s checking you out with his big grin! Harry needs a family to literally rest his face on. These cheeks and loving eyes sooth your heart on the hardest of days.

Harry spent a lot of time in a shelter so this means he is very familiar other dogs. He even had a roommate most of the time! His foster sister is much older so he’s learning her style of play and responds well to correction to slow down or stop. He would REALLY like to play with a younger dog who has the same or similar energy!

Harry walks well on a leash and is getting used to all the noises and movement he had not been exposed to before. Everyday he encounters something new and with the assurance of his humans he is more relaxed and confident.

Harry has started working on basic commands and is eager to learn and connect, especially for treats! He will need someone to continue to work with him regularly and with patience as he can be easily distracted by all the neat things in the world. He is still learning what the expectations are in a home and needs to move slowly with his freedom around the house. After not being in a home for so long it can be confusing what are your toys and what is off-limits. He is kennel and house trained and has no problem sleeping in his place overnight and while you are away at work.

Because of his energy level and some puppy like ways, he may not know how to handle himself around young children. He is still understanding the differences in how you play with humans versus dogs. A child tall enough to not get knocked over and old enough to help a little with training would be perfect.

Harry cannot wait to join an active family that loves to snuggle and to adventure. There is so much he has not seen!