Meet Banjo

Banjo is his name! When you think of having a sidekick, Banjo is your guy.

Banjo came to MMIH as a stray, so he certainly can have his timid moments. Fast movements and actions can scare him. So, for Banjo you have to take things slow at first. Once he has been around you for a little bit, he will warm up to you and become your sidekick. He is more than willing to learn and try new things and will be your ride or die companion.

Banjo is very crate oriented and loves to have his own space to chill and unwind. He does very well sharing his space with his foster siblings. But, will still take moments throughout his day to go lay in his crate for some “me time.” He loves to have it accessible whenever needed.

Banjo has learned to love the backyard and play chase with his foster siblings. He will only chew on toys given to him, and only potties outside. He is potty trained very well. He loves going on walks and car rides. He is always up for an adventure.

What do you say? Do you think Banjo could be your sidekick?