Meet Big Poppa

They call me Big Poppa…for obvious reasons 🤪 It’s my big personality! I’m super social and have enjoyed everyone I’ve met so far. I love playing with my French Mastiff foster brother. We play bitey face as much as possible. When we aren’t playing I enjoy exploring in the yard and playing with toys. I would call myself a busy body but I generally stay out of trouble.

I am crate trained and mostly potty trained (now that I’m neutered, I’m less focused on marking things 😬 #boyproblems). I’m learning to enjoy cuddles with my foster mom. It’s just hard for me to slow down and remember to take naps! I’m very good about bed time though 👏🏻 I like to be tucked into my crate with a blanket draped over the outside. Then I’ll sleep like a baby all night 😴

I will definitely benefit from training. It’s easy to just pick me up when I’m doing something you don’t like but I’ll be a much better minded pup if I learn how to make better decisions 🤓