Meet Blanche


Miss Blanche is a great companion who is super sweet, goofy and very loving. Blanche is shy around new people, but she knows who her people are and she absolutely loves them! Her favorite activities are cuddling, belly rubs and any form of affection. Blanche is good with cats and she is good with a crate.

Blanche can get jealous of others getting attention but, if you correct consistently she will understand that is not ok. Blanche always wants to be by your side so, when you are in the house but, not with her, she may act out to show you her displeasure. We believe that this will improve as she continues to settle, mature and gain confidence. Blanche is potty trained but, is an emotional pee-er when sad because she is alone. Blanche would love a home where she can get so much love and attention she barely has time for it all. Blanche would love to be your everything!

Blanche has a heart murmur that, at this time the vet said, is not affecting her health. It could cause an issue as she gets older. She is not currently on any medication for it as they don’t see a reason for it.