Meet Blue

My name is Blue and I am a 7 month old Border Collie. I love to play with people I know and with most dogs. I do get a little snippy with other dogs who can’t respect my space. I like cuddles but they can make me nervous. It may take a while before I trust enough to cuddle. Getting my head and back softly scratched is the best thing ever. I like to chase things and I’m a big fan of treats. Bath time is getting better every time I may be a work in progress but once I have bonded with you I will be the best friend you could ever ask for. Kids kinda scare me but I’m very curious about them.

MY STORY: Sad But True.
I was bought by a young family who had never owned a dog before. This family had three small children and two very busy parents. They originally named me Chief at 6-8 weeks old. My name was changed by Ben with Integrity Dog Training who saved me from what could have been a unfortunate and untimely end. I was labeled aggressive on 12 January by a veterinarian. What they didn’t understand is that my actions were in response to inappropriate handling by my people. I was a baby with no advocate or voice, so I had to communicate the only way I knew how. Not everyone understands that and may have reacted too harshly. I started to barrel roll and bite when I felt in trouble and the family tried to reach for me. I reacted aggressive and would snap at people who reached for me because I was scared. After the 3rd bite incident and talking to other trainers of whom I was unable to get names or business info of, my family had made the decision to either rehome me or put me down. The other trainers and the vet apparently recommended euthanasia at a very young age. Ben was contacted by a dog trainer that lives by the family as a last resort. When he took me in we did a complete family surrender at 5 months old. I was so scared that I did bite him and his son several times and had a huge issue with being leashed or even touched for the first couple of weeks. I had to be lasoed to get out to the bathroom. I never bit with intension to seriously harm. They were warning bites. When I did something that needed to be corrected I would go submissive but if you reached for me, I would snap. I began using my kennel as a SAFE place. When in trouble or scared I would go in the kennel until I calmed down. Than we would start over. After some positive re-enforcement, the intro to a choke chain and lots of treat trust exercises I was able to have hands put on me. We started structured training shortly after. I now know Come, Sit, Down, Heel, Place, Kennel, Load and basic door manners. I do still have trust issues and do not like to be touched by strangers but I will now take treats from a stranger. I am a dog who cannot be reached for by strangers. We have started working in public places to build confidence and stability. I will do well with property and a job. I recommend an experienced dog owner preferably with herding dog experience. Patience is a must. I have been introduced to e collar training and muzzle training and this seems to be going very well.