Meet Bowie

Hello world! I’m Bowie 🐶 Are you looking for the cutest pit mix puppy to adopt, train, and fall in love with? Then keep reading!

I’m the super immature age of 4 months old which basically means I don’t know much but I know I love people, other dogs, kiddos, and playing!

My foster mom has been playing the waiting game with me…She makes me wait to face plant into my food bowl until she sets it ALL the way down 🙄…She makes me wait to sprint up the stairs at the front door until she gives the all clear so I don’t trip her 😬😳😋 Patience is hard for me but I love the reward. Who doesn’t love being told “you’re a good boi” 🤪

I still have puppy mouthing habits but I’m working hard to stop. I’m sorry my teeth are sharp. Your hands and feet are just so tempting to nibble on 🙈 I will need an owner that is committed to my continued training to make sure I mature into a nice young man. I will be a big athletic boi and a lot to handle if not properly trained.

So!? What do you think? Are you looking to raise a puppy and help me become the best big boi around town? Then let’s talk 🥳