Meet Bullet

Bullet is a sweet young pup looking for an active lifestyle home. He would love to have a home that will take him on adventures. Need a hiking buddy? Bullet is your man! Bullet would do best in a home that will continue to work on his training from puppyhood into a mature adult- that still likes to have fun of course! Bullet is the friendliest dog you will ever meet and thinks that everyone is his friend. Being a young guy he still needs to work on learning appropriate ways to play with other dogs and people. He would love to play all day long. Older children would be better for Bullet as he loves to play and could easily knock over a small child. He isn’t quite sure how to play with young kids either. A home that will keep his mind stimulated would be great for him. He is a smart boy with a huge heart. Bullet is a wonderful dog that has been bounced around a lot, at no fault of his own. He does have separation anxiety that is being work on. He will need plenty of decompression time in a new home so he can get the best start at his new life. He is scared to be bounced again and we don’t blame him for that. Dogs need at least 2-3 weeks to really learn a new routine in a new house. If you give Bullet that time to decompress he will repay you with a lifetime of happiness and plenty of love to spare.