Meet Bunny

Hey! Meet Bunny. She’s an adorable little buff colored bundle of sweetness. She has perfectly imperfect ears, the softest hair, a button of a nose, a dear, happy personality…she’s a peach.


Bunny’s perfect home would be with someone that has a relatively quiet, structured lifestyle. She needs and does really well with structure and rules…who doesn’t? She is super sweet but cautious about people particularly those she doesn’t know or doesn’t know well. This is a great dog for someone that is willing to work with our trainer AND follow some simple guide lines for her. She’s not a good fit for a chaotic household with lots of comings and goings. And no, she doesn’t want to be petted by any yahoo that sees her cute face and assumes she needs a kiss.🙄. She’s potty trained, good with manners, crate trained, ecollar trained, good with other dogs and cats and we absolutely love her. Thanks for looking and sharing! 🐰 🐕 ❤️