Meet Caesar

Hi everybody! My name is Caesar and I am looking for my forever family. Now before you start asking a bunch of questions about how cute I am and how I like to play, I need to know one thing. Do you have a warm lap? If you answered yes, then I think we are meant for each other!
My foster brothers and sisters love to run around and play all day and that is great. But I love a good long nap. Its my favorite part of the day! Don’t get me wrong, I really like to wrestle and play chase with everyone. I am just gonna take a nice nap to get my energy back for the next game!
I recently found my bark! Now I like to show it off to all the big dogs. My foster family says its adorble but I think I am ferocious.
If you are looking for a big ferocious cuddle bug, then I am your dog! Come meet me and see for yourself!