Meet Cassie / Cass

Meet Cass, our sweet gentle giant. Cass is the gentlest of girls, much more than her size might indicate. She’s not afraid of demanding pets and love. Cass loves when you get down on the floor with her for love and pets and maybe a little snuggle. She’s not one for jumping up and taking over your furniture, not even by invitation. She’s the ultimate floor lounger. She’s happy to stretch out or curl up into a ball in her bed in front of a fire. If you give her access to a deck, she’ll perch herself in the sunniest of spots and keep a watchful eye for invading squirrels.

Cass is a delight on a leash. This is definitely not a dog that walks you. She does not pull hard and with regular walks she’s really happy and well behaved. She is easily guided away from other dogs with a verbal nudge. Her size may be intimidating to some other dogs but she is not at all aggressive and is actually very curious, sweet and playful.

Cass is wonderful with kids, not jumpy or mouthy and is incredibly gentle. She’s working hard to get used to car rides, they make her a little anxious and she needs lots of love and pets after an outing, but that is slowly improving. Cass is perfectly potty trained, comfortable in a crate and just an all-around wonderful girl!

Drop us a line and see if Cass is your match made in heaven.