Meet Chaney

I’m just a pup and my foster mom tells me all the time I’m already so well mannered. I love to be near people and have not fully grasped the concept of personal space. One of my favorite things to do is play with other medium/large dogs. I don’t think the my little old foster sibling likes to play with me as much, I think maybe I’m too much puppy for them. Cats, well, if they run I’ll chase them. Otherwise I just occasionally like to check them out. I help with gathering sticks in the yard but I don’t think they like it when I bring them in the house. I will sit for my treats and I’m learning to lie down and to be on my own more. Work days are nice since I just get to lie in the office, with foster mom, by the desk and get snacks. I haven’t had any accidents in the house, and I sleep through the night in my crate. I love to go for walks, run in the yard, and fetch my toys. I’m looking for a family that will be active with me and will love me as much as I’ll love them.