Meet Chaney

Hi there!,My name is Chaney! I am a playful pup with a bit of a pep and a pip in my step. I’m more adventurous and energetic than my sister, but I really like my playtime with her! I love my foster pack and get along with everyone so much, but sometimes I like to play more than them! I really have lots of choices of engaging toys here at my foster mom’s! They keep my busy. Silly thing about me… My leg does a funny kicky thing when my chest is being scritchy- scratched! They tell me I’m ticklish like my sister. I love to be outside on nice days to play and run around the yard with my whole foster pack. I’m still working on being in the crate…(It’s not my favorite but foster mom says it’s important)! I go potty outside as often as I can, but I am still a puppy! My foster mommy seems really happy and says she’s proud of me when I do potty outside. I am looking for my forever and ever family. I’d do well with a family that has time, commitment, patience and the energy to keep up with me as I grow and learn all the things. I can’t wait to learn like my foster pack~ They actually sit for treats! One last thing: My foster mommy thinks my eyes are very exquisite and tells me and my sister how absolutely bee-yoo-tee-ful we are!