Meet Chilly

Comedian looking for a full time gig! Chilly is a hopelessly devoted spry little guy with a huge pep in his step. At only 5 pounds, he can tackle giant stuffed polka dotted snakies twice his size. His timeless sweet baby face will capture your heart and melt it all in the same moment! He is full of energy and loves to run, chase and tackle all of his toys. His zoomies are quite spectacular! He also loves to cuddle and share your pillows. He has his “chill” moments and will watch your favorite movies with you! Once he gets to know you, he will be the best friend you could ever imagine. Chilly has a super-power too… he can smile! He’s a pleaser and an entertainer and amuses everyone he’s around. How could you not want to have a furever bestie that will always keep you laughing? Fill out that app and ask for this sweet funny lil love bug!