Meet Chunks

Chunks is a young, smart, curious hound looking for a home that compliments his strengths and is committed to his continued training. In exchange, he will shower you with love and endless amounts of goofiness. Chunks loves to be where you are and will happily sleep on the dog bed but prefers to take the spot next to you on the sofa, if and when allowed. And yes, he will let you love on those glorious hound dog ears.

This big guy requires adequate exercise to thrive and needs clear boundaries to guide him to the right decisions. Chunks has grown up with inconsistent training that offers snippets of cooperation for a passive handler but loads of potential for a savvy dog handler. He wants to please and be a good boy but he will test you as he navigates the hierarchy of leadership in the house. With the right partner, Chunks will be a wonderful and rewarding companion.

Chunks is crate trained, potty trained and does great with other dogs. He will do best in a home with older kids.