Meet Cowboy

Hi, my name is Cowboy and my friends tell me I am a super cool dude! 🤠

I am a pretty adaptable fella, I can be happy in a quiet home or in a home with lots of activity around me. I’ve been with my new foster mom and dad for a few weeks, and I have really liked settling in to the family routine. My foster mom and dad are older and they have a really quiet home, I do love all of the napping and cuddling! Don’t get me wrong, I also love walks and getting to smell all the all of the exciting things to discover in the great outdoors. I also have had some visitors to my foster home and foster mom said I was a charming gentleman! I’m always quiet and gentle and love to ask all the new friends I meet for pets! I am great with everyone I meet, dogs, cats, adults and kids alike. I am excited for my next steps of finding a family to be my very own.