Meet Dandelion

Hello there my name is Dandelion, Dandi for short. Are you looking for a playful teddy bear that likes to stop and smell the flowers? It’s your lucky day, you found me!!! My favorite pasttimes are: stealing the squeaky toy from my foster sister, zooming through the backyard, and just slowing down to give snuggles to my human best friend.


Foster mom says:D

andi has done well with her car rides, she loves to lay down and enjoy the ride. She walks well on the leash, and is doing great with learning commands.

Dandi is doing great with her potty training when it comes to no pottying in the house. She is still working on holding it thru the day/ night and has some accidents in her kennel. But is a work in progress.

Dandelion is looking for someone to stop and smell the flowers with, can you be her special person?