Meet Dixie

Hi, I am Dixie! My specialties are being sporty and doing gymnastics. I can jump onto high beds, I am limber as a rubber band and I can prance forever on my back feet to entice you to pet me. I use all my energy to engage with my special human beings and other dogs. Children? OMG,YES! Endless play comes to mind. Chase me over agility hurdles? I am your dog. I like showing off – makes me feel good about myself. If I am disobedient, I feel bad. Just give me a chance to make it right.

I am crate trained and mostly potty trained. When the zoomies take over, I forget my manners to run to the door. Please help me and take me out every couple of hours. I’ll get your routine pretty quickly.

When I go on walks, it will help me if you hold my leash tight. Seeing bunnies and squirrels is so exciting. I am learning that when my foster mom puts a blanket over my kennel, it is nighttime. I get quiet as a mouse. But when the blanket comes off in the morning, the zoomies kick in. So, keep your doors closed until you have the leash on me and let’s go.

I can’t wait to find my forever family!