Meet Donner

Donner is around one year old and is a big teddy bear. While he is large and muscular, he is so gentle with kids and treats. We are still working on spacing out affection as to not overwhelm people with kisses but he has too much love to contain. We think he might be a lab pitty mix with a little Weimaraner. Donner’s ideal home would be someone that doesn’t mind lots of kisses and provides structure for him. He is not a willing participant in entering kennels unless ham is involved in the bribery process. He does fine once he is in, he just doesn’t like the step of getting in. He respects dogs of all sizes but thinks cats are super interesting toys to be examined. Not a mean bone in his big body but he does need gentle reminders that he is big and kittens don’t appreciate his inquisitiveness.
He would love a canine sibling of any size and energy but wouldn’t mind having your attention all to himself.