Meet Echo

Echo is an 11 week old extra snuggly border collie+labrador+husky mix ready to find her forever family. Don’t let the breed mix fool you – this girl is the biggest cuddle bug her foster has ever seen; but true to breed, she’s smart as a whip! Echo is anxious to learn new tricks; she’s already picking up sit, and with regular breaks and reasonable attention she’s hasn’t had an accident in the house – she’s nearly potty trained at only 11 weeks old!! This little one sleeps through the night soundly in her crate, and LOVES to spend the morning getting a few extra winks in the big soft covers of your bed like a true cuddle champion. While she’s super lovey, Echo still needs tons of exercise and firm direction and guidance. As with most very intelligent dogs, if she’s not given proper exercise coupled with consistent direction and rule enforcement, she’ll come up with her own crafty jobs – and they’re not likely to align with yours. 🙂 This smartypants is as creative as they come, so if you allow her to jump in the kitchen now because she’s only a wee thing, she’ll be counter surfing like a pro 6 months from now – don’t say we didn’t warn you! At 15 pounds currently, Echo will probably land somewhere in the 60-80lb range if the charts are to be believed, and things that are cute from an 11 week old are seldom as welcome from a 70lb adult dog – so continued training is imperative. The great news is that Echo is a very willing participant in training games, if you’re dedicated, so is she! Do you know anyone that might be a match for sweet Echo?