Meet Emmery

Emmery’s history is a mystery. This little girl arrived scared and shy. After following her own timeline of decompression, she adjusted well to the household routine. Emmery loves to be part of a pack, she’s the perfect second or third dog. She has no need to be the superstar.

Emmery is potty trained and does wonderful with regular access to a fenced yard to potty. She is less fond of her crate. She does not like to be separated from the other dogs in the home if foster mom has to leave for a few hours.

Emmery prefers dogs to people so we feel that a home with other dogs would be best for her. She is timid with people, but is always happy to see her foster Mom when she returns and will wag her tail and come over. She will take treats from your hand and will curl up on the couch with the pack as long as she has some space. She has not warmed up to petting and snuggling, but given time, we believe she will. Recently she has started going to the toy bin and taking a few stuffies out and playing. Emmery will need ongoing training and most of all patience to build her confidence. She is a sweet natured girl who is slow to trust.

For her next chapter, she would like a pack to belong to and a fenced in yard. Emmery does not come to her name quite yet, but does come to whistles to come back in the house. She watches and takes her cues from her foster sisters.

Emmery does not like to share her food and will let the other dogs know if they get too close when she is eating. The first week she did not make a peep, but now she will bark at the delivery person and the dog next store. She will even sing on occasion if her foster sister howls. She will also grumble her boundaries to her foster sisters.

This girl is going to shine in the right pack.