Meet Frito

Frito lives for love, a true companion that has an endless supply of cuddles and affection for you. His favorite pastime is lying next to you or on your lap if you’ll allow it. Bonus, his love is not exclusive to his owner; he shows the same affection to all humans. Frito is always ready for a quick game of fetch, a walk around the neighborhood and will fearlessly follow you on any adventure. He has lab energy compressed into a dachshund body! He is great on a leash and behaves himself when passing other dogs. He has had little experience playing with other dogs but, with a little guidance, he has learned to play with his foster sister.


Frito is crate trained and potty trained, except for the moments he gets a little too excited. Since Frito is still a young pup, who has never had a home, he doesn’t know many tricks but, is learning good house manners quickly. Jumping and whining are tools he used in the past, and will need a little more time to completely correct. Frito would do best in a home that is committed to his training him to be the best boy he can be.


Are you ready for endless cuddles and entertainment? Are you a strong leader looking for a lovable pocked-sized sidekick? Then Frito is just the pup for you!