Meet Gemini

Have you known a kitty that gives unconditional love? I’ve known a few… Gemini is one of them. If you can give her a little time to know and trust you she will show you. She prioritizes pets and affection over food… not over catnip but over food. Ok, that’s not quite fair to her. She probably can’t chose one over the other very well and would prefer both catnip and affection at once. Her purring volume goes way up with both at once. If you make a triangle of human, canned cat food or treats, and catnip she will go back and forth between rolling in the catnip and getting pets from the human. When her humans return from work or errands she trills and chirps a greeting and asking for some ear scratches. She will take chin, chest or neck scratches too, and let you know when it’s time for a full head to tail tip pet. She loves fuzzy toys, especially dangling from a pole and to chase a laser pointer with the energy of a kitten. She will play with toys by herself but is much happier when her humans are part of the game.

She is a clean eater and uses the litter box well. She has not been around children yet but is a calm patient girl, and would probably do ok with children who can give her time to get accustomed to them and trust them, and treat her gently. She has seen dogs at my home, but I haven’t yet tried to have her interact with them. She doesn’t startle or hide when she hears them barking.

Gemini is one of those rare kitties that give unconditional love, making her a wonderful companion and family member. Will you make her part of your family?