Meet Gnocchi (aka Cali)

Meet Gnocchi, everyone! Gnocchi has lots of love, cuddles, and kisses to share with everyone she meets. She is a very intelligent pup, and has responded well to training (it doesn’t hurt that she is also super food motivated). She is potty trained, and is very comfortable using a dog door.

Typical of the Cane Corso breed, Gnocchi is athletic, loves people in general – but also forms a strong bond with her person, is very talkative, sure of herself, protective, and strong willed. She likes to play with other dogs, but is quite large and full of puppy energy, so she may not be a good playmate for everyone. Due to her size and energy, we think Gnocchi would be best in a home with older children.

Gnocchi is crate trained but isn’t a big fan of it, as she does exhibit some separation anxiety, and prefers to remain close to her people and puppy friends. Continued crate training is highly recommended though, especially since she still gets into puppy shenanigans.

Gnocchi’s forever family will need to continue obedience training and be able to do so with a firm but loving approach. Anyone that can do that will be rewarded with the bestest friend any of us could ever ask for!