Meet Hazel

Hello People!
My name is Hazel, and I like hoomans, treats, snuggling, and stuffies.
The end…

Hi, this is Hazel’s foster mom. I wanted to chime in since you might want more information than Hazel gave you. She is one classy, gentle giant who loves getting extra attention and experiencing new things. Sadly, Hazel’s first family bought her as a baby but quickly tired of caring for her. As Hazel grew older, the family began putting her outside during the day and inside her crate at night. Hazel is with me now and happily learning how good it is to be a house dog.

Hazel is a 2.5-year-old Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain dog mix with many characteristics of both breeds: sweet, affectionate, and good-natured. She loves tossing stuffies around and getting back scratches or napping by your feet. Hazel is potty trained but is reluctant to go outside alone without the company of a human or fur friend because she spent so much time outside.

Hazel loves to be with people, especially kids, although she is still learning manners and might be too energetic for little ones not used to her size. Hazel knows the sit command and is working on other commands, which she enjoys because she will do anything for a treat. Hazel is good with other dogs, with proper introductions (but honestly, I say that about all the dogs). We took Hazel to meet some farm animals, and she didn’t seem interested in them; I was so impressed with her! As with any dog, she will need continued socialization and training.

Hazel’s size might initially feel overwhelming, but the more she settles and you get to know each other, the less that seems to matter. We love our Hazel Bear and can’t wait for her to find her perfect Match Made in Heaven!