Meet Henry

Meet Henry! Henry is a big giant baby! He LOVES everyone and wants nothing more than to be with his people being touched. Henry spent his first 10 years with the same family, when they decided it was time to move Henry couldn’t go with them. Henry has some anxiety, as a result of being left behind, so he looks to people he meets for his stability. Besides wanting all the love and attention in the world Henry is great with other animals. He has a surprising amount of energy, particularly for a dog his age. He loves to play with other dogs and does not seem at all phased by other’s grumbles or aggressions. He loves cats but gets very excited and seems to want to play. Henry has lived with a cat before and did just great. He sleeps like the dead and has to be woken up, in the morning, for breakfast. Henry loves tug and toys. He is really the most easy going, yet demanding dog you could meet.

If you think you have the love and dedication that a dog like Henry needs, and feel you are his Match, please send in an application. Henry would love to talk to you!