Meet Izzy

Are you looking for a companion to be right with you most of the time? A pretty little girl looking at you as if you are the center of the universe? Izzy is for you!
If you are on the couch with a fuzzy blanket she will want to be under it, on or beside you. She is generally quiet and attentive watches the world around her but doesn’t feel the need to comment on it. She will comment a little if left alone, just a little whine to let you know she’d prefer to go along. This only lasts a few minutes then she will wait quietly in her crate until you return.

If you want to go for a walk she will be by your side, maybe out in front if she isn’t reminded to heel. She snuggles and plays with her foster canine siblings, and a little reluctantly with her foster feline sibling. She ignores the cats that ignore her. She blended into the foster’s menagerie easily, no fuss from day one. Izzy loves food, which makes working with training easier just don’t leave your pizza where she could get it and get away fast. Or the cat food, that shouldn’t be available to her either.

Izzy should be in a fenced yard if she isn’t on a leash. She is very curious and quick, and will run with joy after squirrels or birds or just for joy. Zoomies will be a thing for her if she has a good place to do them. We are working on come, but currently she has some selective hearing issues on that. I have great hope she will learn quickly. She watches, is smart, and wants to please. Doesn’t Izzy sound like your new family member?