Meet Jagger

I’m gonna be your best buddy! My foster mom says I’m a Very Good Boy. I know lots of commands like ‘Sit and Stay’, ‘Come’, ‘Wait’ and ‘No!’ and I’m really good at waiting until I get outside to potty. I love to snuggle with my people, be near them and being held. I also love to run like the wind, bounding like a 13 pound gazelle! It’s important to have lots of exercise and a safe space to burn off my zoomies.

I can keep myself amused playing with my toys. When there’s kibble in my bowl, I’ll only eat when I’m hungry but I like to save room so I can beg for a bite of whatever you’re eating. My foster mom tells me it’s not polite to beg but I know exactly how to work those puppy dog eyes and look real adorable. Those tricks don’t work with her, but I keep trying!

We’re working on me not being so mouthy. I’m getting better about it but I still need to be reminded not to gnaw on people. I don’t bite hard, but worry that I might get excited and make a mistake, so it would be better for me to live in a home with adults who are savvy about teaching a pup like me or older kids who have experience with dogs. I get along with dogs and cats. I’m still young so, older gentle animals can help me with learning my manners. My foster mom says that I learn things quickly. That’s because I’m so eager to please … I want to be your best friend!