Meet Keith (aka Keef, Keefer and Keefus)

Hi friends, I’m Keef! They tell me I’m a big doberman mix but my foster mom says I’m also part doofus, spaz, and maybe a little bit giraffe.

I like to be sweet and have cuddles, but I also like to get outside and wander around eating grass and sniffing all the good things outside. I love to run, and I am so fast, like The Flash! But, even though I like to run around and explore, I also like to lay around and be with the family. I’m a goofball in the house, I hop up and down when it’s mealtime, I get SO EXCITED!

I like everyone. Even people that I’m frightened of, I still want to meet and be their friend. Sometimes, with new people, I shake a bit, but if they’re a little patient with me, and give me a second to adjust, we can be the best of friends. I’m sometimes scared of silly things, but when I get scared I don’t get mad or growly, I just look for a safe space. I don’t like when my foster mom and dad make me go in my crate because I would much rather be with them, but I am quiet in my crate, and I definitely like to have my crate available for when I feel uneasy or just want to chomp on my chewy. Even though I’m a big dude I still like all the snuggles, I’ll press my head into you when I want love. I especially love pets on my head, on my nose and around my ears.

I like other dogs a lot, and I really like all the dogs in my foster home but they don’t seem to want to play with me, even though I’m always telling them how much I want to play with them. I’ve tried to get the cat to play, but she’s no fun either! I would love to find some friends to play with me. I like kids a lot, and I know I need to be more gentle with them.

I can be silly sometimes, I don’t always know how to control my long legs and look kinda goofy. I know I have lots to learn about how to be a really good boy, like what things I should chew and how to be a good listener. I like food a lot, but when it comes to learning new things I don’t really care that much if you have treats. We just need to find our best way to communicate with each other.

I would really love a home of my own, a family to go on adventures with and who will help me be the best me I can be!