Meet Kimmy

Meet Kimmy! Kimmy is an approximately 4 year old American Bully/ Pitbull mix. She is a big girl but is as sweet as can be! Kimmy is looking for her forever home, somewhere she can get lots of exercise, continued training, and someone to love on her daily. Kimmy needs a home with someone who is dog savvy and isn’t afraid to have boundaries and structure in the home, and is able to be consistent with her training. Kimmy has been through some formal training and is trained on an E-Collar and has great off leash recall! Kimmy knows her basic obedience commands such as heel, place, come, sit, down, and off. She is fully kennel trained and rides in a kennel in the car. She is Muzzle trained and conditioned and is happy to wear her muzzle for any occasion. Kimmy is dog social and loves the company of other dogs. She had been around small dogs and big dogs and does well with both. Kimmy does love to play chase games so a home without a cat would be preferred, as she has had no exposure to them. She has been exposed to goats and shows little interest in them, she loves being a farm dog! Kimmy does great with handling, nail trims with the dremmel, and having her paws/body cleaned off. She loves to work and has phenomenal food drive and handler awareness! Although she loves to lounge around, this girl needs daily exercise AND mental stimulation through training. Kimmy loves people and loves getting some good scratches, and might even give you some kisses in return. Although Kimmy has been around a toddler and is very neutral towards the little humans, it would be best if Kimmy goes to a home with kids aged 10 or older due to her size and energy level (we don’t want to have kids falling over!) Kimmy LOVES getting into the car however she is working on some minor car anxiety/excitement which is only panting and occasional whines, which will continue to dissolve as her routine and life becomes more predictable. She is a little nervous of the vacuum, but is working on holding her place command and becoming more confident with it. Kimmy lives her life full of excitement and joy everyday, and is always practicing her impulse control and working on slowing her mind down, so she can enjoy every moment! Kimmy is a very special girl who deserves a very special home, and whoever is lucky enough to take her home will have an amazing adventure partner for life!

Kimmy needs an experienced adopter and/or someone completely committed to doing everything she needs to help her to continue to be the best girl she can be.