Meet Laguna

Laguna is a curious and submissive lady that prefers to watch from a distance vs being the life of the party. She’s the wallflower of the pack. Physical touch doesn’t bring her comfort like it does for many dogs. Trust is the way to Laguna’s heart. Laguna speaks a different language that takes a special person to understand. She lacks confidence and needs a partner to help her build and develop this quality. We are working on building confidence by gently pushing her outside of her comfort zone. For example, Laguna shies away from being leashed up for a walk but, once out and about she is an angel on a leash and LOVES going on walks! She’s a great walking partner.

Laguna’s natural instinct is “flight” vs “fight.” There isn’t a mean bone in her body; just uncertainty. Consistency in her daily routine is helping to improve this. She gets along with all dogs and is good with the resident cat. New people are interesting to her and she will cautiously sniff and check them out.

We don’t know what her history is but she acts like humans are a foreign concept and she’s trying to understand what they want from her. She’s very guarded but equally vulnerable and willing. Laguna is the sweetest companion that you can’t help but root for. If you are patient and willing to put in a little work, she will be a rewarding companion in life.