Meet Lark

Lark is one of the sweetest and most lovable dogs you will ever meet. Her goals in life are to snuggle and be snuggled, and to be as close to her human as dogly possible. She loves sleeping in her human’s lap. She is working on excitable jumping and what “play” means, but she wrestles with her foster sister, who is one-third of her size. Although Lark has had a puppy, she is still very much a puppy herself at just over one year of age.

Miss Lark loves adventures. She does great in the car. Just sits on her seat and sleeps. Lark is crate trained – she will sleep in her crate while her human is at work or running errands.

Lark will need continued training to become the best girl she can be. She will come, and she does sit ever so patiently when she wants something. Although Lark may have had a rough start in life, she is a total sweetheart and just wants to love. If given the chance, she will be the best dog.

Lark would do great as an ESA. She has so much love to give, someone with anxiety or depression would be at ease with her.