Meet Leonardo

Leo is a little shy at first, but give him a few minutes and youll have a new best friend! Leonardo LOVES being held, touched, pet and played with! He loves running for squeaky toys, and enjoys a good romp in the yard or through the house. He gets along with large and small dogs. He is indifferent towards cats, unless they run! He loves to chase anything that runs. He is still learning how to walk on a leash but does great with his harness. He is crate trained, and so far, is doing great with house training. He loves playing with his sons, but prefers to keep toys all for himself. He is very fond of children (8 and up). Great guard dog (but not too aggressive) and will let you know of ANY intruder, but will likely just beg them for attention. He can JUMP! Leo loves jumping. Leo knows “sit” and will come when he is called, even when he wants to chase the cat!