Meet Lock

Meet Lock!

This 11 week old little spitfire is ready to bring adventures into someone’s life! Built for the outdoors, Lock is ready for a life of exploring. True to his breed he is tenacious, goofy, and brave, but he sure loves to melt into your arms and snuggle. His noises and little baby howls will tug at your heart strings. This young man is the complete package and ready to find his forever home!

While he is full of energy he does have some fantastic training already! He is crate trained, can hang out in his pen and play by himself, mostly potty trained, dog and people social, he’s been exposed to livestock and chickens (though he sure would love to chase those walking chicken nuggets).

Have you ever seen videos of husky screaming while getting groomed? Well Lock is here to break that stereotype because he’s great for baths, blow drying, nail trims and clipping his fuzzy toe beans!