Meet Malibu

Looking for an amazing snuggle partner? Malibu loves to be near her person. She is a vocal chi and will let you know how she feels. She likes going on walks, but needs short walks for those little legs. She will put on collar, harness, leash and even a sweater without issues. She is crate trained, however wants to be near her person. Malibu is potty trained to go outside, she will also use pee pads reliably.

She would do best as the only pet in a low traffic household. She is a bit of a diva and feels she deserves all the attention after all. To flourish, Malibu will do best with continued training. She warms up slowly and needs routines to feel safe. Malibu loves to be picked up and carried, but can get demanding about this and we are working on self soothing.

Malibu is fostered with two dogs a little bigger than her and has not been interested in making friends so far. She is not a fan of the resident cat. She is curious about the world around her and likes going outside in short spurts. However Netflix and cuddling with you under a fleece throw is her ideal evening.