Meet Maya

Miss Maya is a very happy soul who loves everyone she meets instantly. She enjoys car rides but does better in one spot than allowed to roam free about the cabin…there’s just too much to see for her to sit still! Maya loves belly rubs and will show her belly at every chance she gets, especially if the offers come with lots of “good girl”s. Maya does need some training on how to express her excitement and how to focus on straight ahead when walking on her leash, but with how smart she is it won’t take long! Maya loves to play fetch and is very gentle when playing with her ball. She also was extremely gentle when meeting a lost little 4 lb terrier who was very scared, her empathy kicks in quickly! Maya will be the best going on adventures up the mountains or down the street, meeting new strangers or loving only her people, this girl is adaptable and the best.

Maya is currently working with our trainer and, her adopters will be expected to continue her training.