Meet Merlin

Merlin is and exuberant, joyful dog. He can be quite the comedian. He is also a bit of a Velcro dog and needs someone who understands with and can work with his insecurities. He loves other dogs, children, and cats. But being exuberant, he is often a little much for things that he outweighs so play time should always be supervised. He has been known to try to run up to other dogs to greet them… this can be terrifying as Merlin is a BIG dog but he has so far been 100% trustworthy with other dogs. He is on trazodone daily to help with him anxiety and takes meds perfectly.
He walks nicely on a leash most of the time; his leash training and reinforcing good habits should continue. He will kennel up no problem. But he doesn’t like being left in a kennel alone too long and can break out of a kennel if it’s not strong enough. He is shy with new people but with encouragement can warm up to them quickly. He has a good recall but that too can use some reinforcing. He is generally very healthy- other than his trazodone he has no chronic health issues other than a chicken based dog food diet will not agree with his stomach. He eats a beef or bison diet.
There is so much more I could say about this sweet goofball but this is getting too long as it is.