Meet Millie

Meet Millie, and adorable and sweet little everything mix, boxer, Chihuahua, etcetera, etcetera. Millie is about two and a half years old and a petite 30 pounds. She still has a little bit of spunky play energy and gets the occasional zoomie bug, but is also up for napping throughout the day in her bed or with her person. Millie is kennel, potty, and leash trained. She does great going out and about. While it may takes her a little bit to get comfortable in a new home setting,  once she does she is happy and at ease. Millie loves her people and does well meeting new human friends. Millie loves her ears rubbed ans is snuggly with people of any size, even ones with little grabby hands.

Millie is hearing impaired but is highly food motivated and quick to learn. She has been working on training with hand signals and some e-collar direction for her communication. She is mostly very quiet but, can get a bit vocal when excited and in play mode. New dog intros have been fine for her with dogs 8-65 lbs. Millie is happy to coexist with other dogs but, is really more interested in her time with her people, she would be fine as an only dog or, living with another dog who doesn’t necessarily need to play. She loves her time outside exploring and smelling everything she can.

Millie just wants her own family to give her patient guidance, structure, love and a little adventure!